Scaling Consultants To Meet The Release Date On Time


An IT corporation sought to update an enterprise cloud service for their clients. The goal was to improve a single portal for all IT services, giving their clients the power to build custom applications. The IT corporation invested budgetary dollars from their current fiscal year, creating an accelerated deadline of 10 months.

Quickly and Efficiently Scaling

The IT corporation’s biggest challenge was quickly and efficiently scaling consultants to meet the release date on time. To do this, they needed to aggressively increase the size of their existing scrum team. The IT corporation’s required essential niche roles such as a Technical Lead, a variety of specialized engineers, Full-Stack Developers, Java Developers and a Project Manager.


The Allyon Solution

Allyon has served as a reliable, proven professional services partner to the IT corporation. Based on this relationship, Allyon was given the opportunity to support this project by implementing a shared-risk approach. Allyon assembled a custom project scrum team for the customer, adding 17 additional resources which more than tripled the size of their internal scrum team. Allyon built this custom project team using a two-phased solution.

Phase 1:

  • Hired a Technical Lead who worked side-by-side with the customer in selecting the scrum team.
  • The lead is responsible for ensuring requirements are understood, software is delivered on time, coaching is provided and weekly one-on-one meetings are conducted with consultants.
  • Allyon acquired dedicated engineers over first three months including: UI Engineers (Angular.JS, HTML & CSS), Java Developers and Software Development Engineers (SDET)

Phase 2:

  • Allyon created a Customer Product Engineering team with four additional consultants including Full-Stack Developers, Java Developers and Testers to handle ongoing customer requests.
  • Allyon supplied an additional Technical Lead to train the Customer Product Engineering team.

Delivering Great Results

The customer’s director and department manager were impressed with the expedited hiring process and quality of candidates provided by the Allyon team. They sought not only a staff augmentation solution, but provided a management solution for this project.

Allyon delivered on both accounts. The customer’s critical cloud application was released on time due to the speed and focus of Allyon’s custom project team. Allyon successfully completed this project on schedule, within budget and with low consultant turnover.


"Allyon (Formerly Allstaff Solutions) is extremely easy to work for and my recruiter has been very helpful, down to earth and flexible."

"Great place to work for and they really value their employees"

"The management is professional and they value their staff."

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