providing clinical trial support across the U.S.


In the demanding clinical trial market, Allyon helped a medical research organization identify, onboard and retain high-quality talent for home-trial and site support. Our custom workforce solution made the hiring and onboarding process quick and effective, and it included continued communication and support for both the clinicians and the client.

Hiring and Retaining Clinical Workers

A medical research organization that supports clinical trial clients across the U.S. was seeking to increase home-trial support and site support. In a high-turnover, high-demand environment, the organization needed to find qualified clinical workers all over the country and onboard them quickly to meet the specific requirements of each trial.


The Allyon Solution

Due to the unique demands of this client’s situation, Allyon partnered with the organization to build a custom workforce solution. This included:

  • An established timeline for hiring and onboarding, along with set qualifications for clinical staff hires
  • A communication system that included specific touchpoints throughout the trial
  • Extensive phone interviews with clinicians to explain the trial expectations
  • Continual resource and outreach efforts that ensure a steady supply of qualified talent
  • Targeted outreach to regions where talent is more difficult to find, especially rural areas
  • Support, communication, and requirement understanding to help increase talent retention
  • 24-hour support for escalations, feedback, and continued communication with the client

Delivering Great Results

Allyon has worked with the client on more than 40 studies and provided 128 employees to date. In that time, we’ve maintained a 97 percent retention rate for clinical staff, compared to a previous rate of only 70 percent.

Through continued outreach and hiring, we’ve helped the client increase the number of studies they support and are now their number one partner for clinical studies.


"Allyon (Formerly Allstaff Solutions) is extremely easy to work for and my recruiter has been very helpful, down to earth and flexible."

"Great place to work for and they really value their employees"

"The management is professional and they value their staff."

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